FOUNDATION will provide a framework and roadmap for regions facing industrial closures, job losses and uncertainty, to develop economic resilience through collaboration

About the FOUNDATION project

FOUNDATION is an Interreg Europe funded SME Competitiveness project that brings together nine partners in a consortium led by Cork Institute of Technology. The project is focused on supporting regions pre and post shocks and closures of anchor tenants in their industrial ecosystems. The impacts of a closure of course go beyond direct employees and ripple, wave like throughout the regional services sector and economy. Management of such anticipated structural change requires proactive renewal of business approaches and policy supports.

In the wake of COVID-19 the FOUNDATION partnership wishes to share information, training opportunities and good practices with external stakeholders to support them in accessing information to plan for the future. Whilst our medical professionals fight this pandemic on the front line, collaborative sharing by regional stakeholders can support resilience of all regions across Europe and further afield in enabling them to adapt to what is unprecedented change.

Developing Resilience in your Firm

Tool to mitigate COVID19´s impact. Struggling to manage the impact of Covid19 on your firm: a collaboration between Unindustria Reggio Emilia and the Kon Foundation has provided a new IT tool to estimate future cash needs and support strategic decision-making. Read more. 

EvenKeel helping firms reopen. NetFeasa an Irish firm launched ‘EvenKeel Wellness,’ to help business meet Covid safety protocols. An easy to use platform for workforce: wellness, space planning and scheduling has contact tracing and employee safety at its’ core. Read more. 

Resilience Training

Covid Action Platform. As the International Organisation for Public-Private Cooperation, the World Economic Forum is mobilising to protect lives and livelihoods and re-launch businesses through coordinated action with global, multistakeholder cooperation. Read more. 

FOMO – Register NOW!. FOUNDATION invites you to our webinar Policy Support for Industrial Resilience, 26-06-20 @10am CET. Learn about policies, initiatives or programmes which are supporting economic resilience to combat the economic effects of COVID-19.  Read more. 

Research & Industry Funding

Regioanl Funds for Research Projects. Emilia-Romagna Region has allocated €2 million for COVID-19 research projects (Artificial intelligence systems for social distancing in open spaces, atmospheric cold plasma treatments, innovative technology for mask production). Read more. 

Liquidity Support to Business. CROEM – AVALAM – INFO – Financial Institutions collaborative agreement to help companies provide liquidity to companies suffering considering the COVID-19 pandemic – without the fear of facing additional financial penalties and costs.  Read more.

Good Practices from FOUNDATION Partners

Irish Physio Global Impact. A physiotherapist from Co Kerry has designed software which assists patients in their recovery from Covid-19. The software offers clinicians/patients remote access to physical programmes, is currently used in Irish, US and UK hospitals. Read more. 

Build Back Better!. Business webinars from the Manchester Growth Company on the gradual easing of lockdown. Responding to the latest guidance, each webinar brings together experts to discuss solutions for the plethora of different workplace settings. Read more. 

ZERO Cost COVID19 Aid. Instituto de Fomento has launched an aid programme, specifically aimed at companies that are suffering the effects of the coronavirus crisis, to facilitate through subsidising guarantees, access to the liquidity needed to keep doors open. Read more. 

AI Combating COVID Restrictions. AMB technology, a Linz start-up, combine computer vision, camera detection and data science to count and measure visitor flow in public buildings as a basis for better control and carry out temperature screenings to increase safety. Read more. 

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