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Ceeic: Your innovative enterprise development center, in Cartagena.

About us

The CEEIC, just founded in 2007, is the first innovation oriented small business incubator in the Region of Murcia. The non-profit Foundation is committed to the long-term economic vitality and growth of entrepreneurial ventures in the Region. CEEIC addresses problems that innovative businesses have in obtaining appropriate technology, market information, management assistance and access to capital, by providing reasonably priced office space, shared services to reduce overhead costs, and business, technical and financing assistance.

New Entrepreneurs Wanted
Have you got a potential idea for a new business and need to mature it, or are you already a business man/woman and want to innovate in your own company? Do you need the experience and the know-how, and want to start off on your own?
Do you need the first space, or financial aid to fulfill your dreams?
CEEIC, as an Incubating Enterprise Development Center, may help you now.

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CEEIC - C/Berlin Par. P.I. Cabezo Beaza 30353 Cartagena (Murcia) Tlf. 968521017 Fax: 968500839 E-mail: ceeic@ceeic.com
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